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Carburetor Problems?

Ethanol Problems - Why Ethanol Is Bad For Engines

There are many reasons why ethanol in today's fuel is causing problems for the engines of ATV's (commonly known as three wheelers and four wheelers) as well as small engines on lawn mowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, lawn edgers, etc.  As ethanol usage increases, so will the problems we are facing with it.

Many people take a piece of equipment, fuel it up, use it for a little while and then notice that it just doesn't seem to run as well as it used to.  After a while longer, it stops idling as well as it used to and then won't rev up to full throttle.  Soon after, the equipment won't start at all.  What's going on here?  Take a look around the internet in user forums and you'll notice more and more people searching for answers to why their equipment won't start or isn't running as well as it did before.  This problem is only getting worse.  Why?  Ethanol is the problem.

Ethanol in today's fuel is a powerful solvent that breaks down existing sludge, made up of varnish, gum and resins that commonly builds up in fuel tanks, allowing those particles to clog fuel filters, injectors & carburetors.  While this problem sounds serious, and it is because it affects performance, there is a much more serious problem that comes along with ethanol in our fuel; it attracts water from the air, which is then absorbed into the fuel.  Once you have the water in your fuel, it will bond with the ethanol, thus lowering the octane, causing performance problems.  Excessive water in the fuel tank causes engines to run rough, stall, and leads to damage to internal engine components.  The ethanol in the fuel provides a good portion of the available octane so when the ethanol/water solution separates, especially after the fuel cools, it drops to the bottom of the tank.  The remaining fuel then doesn't have the octane needed to efficiently operate the engine.  Also, the ethanol/water mixture can be partially combustible, thus leading to more engine damage.

Ethanol affects the shelf-life of fuel.  With ethanol in the fuel, it breaks down quickly.  With the ethanol and other components evaporating from the fuel, it then becomes "stale". This will cause hard starts, engine knock and pinging, which robs the engine of its power and can cause damage.  If all this wasn't enough, fuel with ethanol produces less energy than fuel without ethanol, which then gives you inefficient combustion, decreased performance, poor fuel economy and reduced throttle response.

We hear the same problems over and over.  People say "My string trimmer all of a sudden went dead and now it won't start.", "My chainsaw will start up, but I can't get it to idle properly.", "My lawn mower starts up and then instantly dies.", "My string trimmer sputters and chokes down when I try to throttle it up." or "My lawn mower was running fine, but all of a sudden it went dead and now I can't get it started back up." or "I keep having to put a new carburetor repair kit or carburetor on this engine and the same problem happens again.". If you're experiencing any of these problems, there's a good chance that ethanol fuel is the cause of your problems.  Don't blame your equipment; blame your fuel.  Most equipment manufactured was not designed to operate using fuel with ethanol and will experience the same problems.  We stock tons of different 2-cycle and 4-cycle carburetor parts and will gladly sell them, but they are a short-term fix for the ethanol problem.

So, what to do about all this mess?  There are many fuel additives on the market now that claim to cure this problem, but be careful.  Many of these additives simply add more alcohol to the fuel, which makes the problem even worse.  Read the MSDS of any fuel additive you're thinking about using to make sure it isn't going to actual worsen the situation.

We suggest using a product called Star Tron® to solve your ethanol problems.  Star Tron® contains enzymes that actually break down debris in your fuel to sub-micron sized particles Star Tron® Fuel Additivethat can be easily burned during the combustion process, thus restoring full performance back to your engine.  It reduces interfacial surface tension between fuel and water, thereby greatly reducing the molecular cluster size, which allows more water to be dispersed throughout the fuel.  These sub-micron sized droplets are then safely eliminated as the engine operates.  Star Tron®-treated fuel allows more water to be burned off than with untreated fuel, drying out the tank and preventing water buildup.

Star Tron® is a powerful fuel stabilizer that helps prevent fuel breakdown for UP TO 2 YEARS.  Talk about helping out with the shelf life!  This results in easier starts, and prevents pinging and knocking. Star Tron® improves the octane levels of sub-standard, non-spec or old fuel and in many cases can even rejuvenate stale fuel, restoring it to serviceable condition. According to Star Tron®'s engineers, its enzyme formula helps to break apart large clusters of fuel molecules, creating more surface area.  This allows additional oxygen to react during combustion, which results in a more complete burn of the fuel, improved fuel economy, engine power, throttle response and reduced toxic emissions.  Star Tron® removes carbon deposits, keeping your engine clean and operating at peak performance.

Star Tron® is a unique, multifunctional fuel additive that addresses all ethanol issues. Star Tron® has been solving fuel problems for boaters across the US since 2003. It will improve the performance of boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, PWCs, generators, lawn & garden equipment and all other gas-powered engines. Star Tron® is safe for use in all 2 and 4-cycle engines under all conditions, even in ethanol fuels. Star Tron® is an ideal all-season, all-purpose additive, and does all this at one of the lowest costs of any fuel additive.

If you're already having the problems listed above, you may be able to get by with a good carburetor and fuel system cleaning, but you may need to rebuild your carburetor before the problems will go away.  Sometimes, even a new carburetor is required.  At any rate, you'll want to start using a good fuel additive, like Star Tron® to prevent these problems in the future.

Good luck!


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